Our Future Starts Now.

For two years, Kent watched a highly partisan Legislature and Governor’s Office dismantle medical, social and environmental safety nets; trivialize the importance of public schools and higher education; and lead an assault on unions and public employees. The former firefighter turned attorney could no longer sit on the sidelines and watch a once proud state reduced to rubble. With the blessing of his wife, Lisa, and three children, Kent launched his campaign for the District 30 House seat.

For him to work to change the current misguided trajectory of Iowa’s future, Kent needs your help. It’s going to take hard work, determination and contributions to get the message out. With your help, Kent will reach across the aisle and stand up for:

  • A government that works for its people
  • Access to mental health resources and facilities
  • Protections for our air, water, and public lands
  • Hard-working public employees
  • Effective funding for K-12 education

On education:

“Quality public education is the first, and best, investment we can make in Iowa’s future. Iowa has always prided itself on being a national leader in education. I support strong financial support to maximize learning opportunities statewide. Educational investment is economic investment.

On the environment:

“It’s time to set aside the divisive rural vs. urban model and support collaborative efforts to address air, water and soil quality. I believe our natural resources should be a priority, not an afterthought.

On essential services

Our government exists to provide essential services. Government is here to provide public safety, law enforcement, education, a judicial system and infrastructure. Solid infrastructure and a high quality of life provide the conditions to attract and maintain the kind of business growth that we want in our state. We can’t provide effective services by giving away tax dollars to large corporations chasing ‘promises’ of jobs while starving our vital departments of funds on which to operate. It’s time to stop underfunding our public services and calling it progress.

On bipartisanship

“It’s time that our elected officials from the municipal level to the federal level remember this: Stop treating those across the table or across the aisle like your enemy. Stifle the urge to punish and get even. Stifle the urge to simply win. It’s time to reach out with hands that lift up, rather than ones that block and hold back. We are adversaries, not enemies. 

On unions

“We’re determined to build a new and better system that serves working Iowans and their families; a system that views labor as a partner and valuable asset; and a system that respects the right of workers to organize and be heard. Honor our predecessors by standing strong for all who labor; by standing shoulder to shoulder with the oppressed, seeking fair compensation for an honest day’s work.

On public employees

“Our system of collective bargaining was built on mutual respect and provided predictability and stability for both sides. The legislature gutted a model system that has served all Iowans well for nearly 40 years.? It’s past time to return to treating our public employees as an asset.

There are no winners in the race to the bottom.