As others ran out, they ran in…

                On this, the seventeenth anniversary of the worst terrorist attack ever to fall on American soil, let us remember that which makes us strong.  As we remember the firefighters, police officers, and other first responders lost in the towers’ collapse, remember that they were in many respects ordinary men and women. They were friends, neighbors and little league coaches. They were Sunday school teachers, mentors, and safety instructors. They were the fiber of this country. The core strength. Our people are our strength.

             The character of these ordinary Americans that lifted them up to make selfless, heroic acts has been, and always will be, our strength. In the days and weeks following the attack, we pulled together as one people.  There wasn’t a hammer strong enough to drive a wedge between us. Our core strength of common values held us together tightly as we lifted our heads and straightened our backs to stand tall. Our people, ordinary in nature until called upon to rise above, are the strength of our country.

      Lately, we have seen some light shine between us. Our unity has been tested. But like the tree that sways under the force of a storm’s wind, we emerge stronger for having weathered the storm. Our people are the core of our strength. Let us remember that our strength comes from emerging stronger after testing our ideas and philosophies. Our strength comes not from pushing each other out, but from pulling one another in and holding tight against the storm’s winds. Our strength is us looking to our core values and pulling together as one.

God bless America  God bless the strength that is our people.


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