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Police Officers For Good Government Endorse Balduchi

I am honored.

This week I received the call that the Police Officers for Good Government have endorsed my campaign for the Iowa House of Representatives seat in District 30. I had the privilege of working side by side with the men and women of the Des Moines Police Department for over twenty years during my time as a firefighter-paramedic with the Des Moines Fire Department. During that time, I personally witnessed the compassion, integrity, and professionalism of these dedicated law enforcement officers. At fires, motor vehicle collisions, and crime scenes I could always depend on the officers of the DMPD to keep the members of my crew safe or to lend that extra set of hands when a life was in jeopardy.

As a practicing attorney during the past twenty years, I have frequently found myself on the opposite side of the table from these same men and women. Even though our goals for some cases were different, one thing remained the same: the officers of the Des Moines Police Department consistently conduct themselves with the same integrity and professionalism I came to expect when we worked together on the street. Their goal is to defend the safety and well being of the citizens they have sworn to protect. They have my admiration and respect.

It takes a special skill set to respond to unknown situations that can turn life threatening in an instant. I know the high standards we’ve come to expect of our police officers are not possible without providing the support and resources to hire, train, and retain the type of exceptional individual that makes an effective law enforcement officer. This requires a commitment from our elected officials at all levels.

I am running for State Representative because I believe our current legislature has lost sight of its primary responsibility to provide for the essential services necessary for the safety, health and welfare of the citizens of Iowa. I am honored to have the endorsement and trust of the Police Officers for Good Government. Please join me in my campaign to return our legislature back to the control of elected officials that put the well-being of Iowans first.

Police Officers for Good Government.

Des Moines Police Burial Association.

            Des Moines Police Officers Bargaining Unit Association.


There has been lots of news and lots of noise about the GOP engineered tax overhaul passed by Congress this week. Seeing the disproportionate benefits gifted to corporations and the very wealthy is discouraging. It makes most of us feel that any resistance by common people is futile.
The Iowa GOP is laying the foundation to attempt the same thing in the upcoming legislative session. The promise of paying less in taxes and keeping more of your earnings is very appealing. No one can object to keeping more money.

Here is the problem. Cutting taxes cannot be sustained without cutting expenditures. The promises of increased economic activity from tax cuts generating more revenue have consistently failed to come true. It’s time to step back and take a hard look at what we want from our government.

I believe our government exists to provide essential services. Government is here to provide public safety, law enforcement, education, a judicial system, and infrastructure. Solid infrastructure and a high quality of life provide the conditions to attract and maintain the kind of business growth that we want in our state.

Iowa must strive to be the quality state, not the cheap state. There are no winners in the race to the bottom.

While you might have felt your voice was lost in the national debate on tax reform, drowned out by the millions of dollars spent to buy members of Congress, you don’t have to feel that way here at home. Your state representatives and state senators live near you. Contact your legislators. Call, write, go to neighborhood meetings, or make a trip to Des Moines during the session. Make your voice heard. Tell them you demand that Iowa be the state of quality, not the state of cheap labor and failing services.

And if they refuse to listen, replace them with representatives that will listen. Support the candidates that will support high quality employment, high quality education, and an overall high quality of life for our citizens. Our tax dollars need to be spent wisely. It’s misleading to promise to cut taxes while destroying our quality of life.

I am running for the Iowa House of Representatives because I don’t believe our representative makes quality government a priority.

I’m asking for your support in the upcoming election in 2018.