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ISEA endorses Balduchi


I am pleased and honored to have received the endorsement of the Iowa State Education Association (ISEA). In a message from from from Dr. Tammy Wawro:

“On behalf of the Iowa State Education Association (ISEA) representing education professionals across the state, we are pleased to recommend Kent Balduchi for the Iowa House. We believe Kent Balduchi will do what is best for all of Iowa’s students regardless of the ZIP code in which they live and be a voice for education professionals as important decisions are made that impact our students and our public schools.”

Education is front and center!

Quality public education is the first, and best, investment we can make in Iowa’s future. Iowa has always prided itself on being a national leader in education. I support strong financial support to maximize learning opportunities statewide. If we want our state to keep pace with the changing technological and employment landscape we have to support an educational system that embraces the broad spectrum of opportunities. We have to support funding for up to date textbooks and multimedia resources for remote learning opportunities. We also have to trust and support our educators.

Our public education system must prepare our youth and young adults for further academic, trade, and technological education. This means coordinated programs between our schools, colleges, trade associations, and employers. A well-educated motivated workforce is as important as brick and mortar.

Educational investment is economic investment.