Honoring Our Veterans

Today, as we pause to honor the men and women that have served in our military, let us remember not only what they have given, but why.

We are blessed with the right to participate in our own governance, the right to speak up and have our voices heard. Often this is equated with voting, but it is so much more. From neighborhood associations to legislative forums we have the freedom to openly  express our views to our leaders. I am forever grateful to our veterans’ sacrifices to maintain that right.

I urge you to show your support and gratitude to those that have served to maintain your freedom to participate and be heard.


Many veterans return with the unseen wounds and scars of PTSD. This leads to personal struggles, substance abuse, legal problems and, increasingly, suicide. These veterans need our support today.


Speak up. Get involved. I urge you to get involved. Work with our elected officials to fund and implement programs to address the issues of mental health and substance abuse that haunt many of our veterans after their active service has ended. Support programs that foster treatment, not incarceration, of our struggling veterans.

Tell our veterans “thank you for your service”, then show them that you mean it. Tell your elected officials to support ongoing treatment and programs for the wounds that remain unseen.

Tell these honorable men and women:

You were there for me and mine. Today, and every day, we’re here for you. Thank you for your service .

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