Kent endorsed by AFSCME!

I am pleased to announce receiving the endorsement of AFSCME Council 61 for my candidacy for the Iowa House of Representatives, district 30. I am honored to receive this vote of confidence from the dedicated members of AFSCME that serve the people of our state.
Last year at this time we were still dealing with the shock waves of the Republican led legislature’s evisceration of the public employees’ collective bargaining rights (Iowa Code Chapter 20). All workers deserve the right to negotiate the terms of employment, including wages, benefits, hours of work, and work safety. Public employees work jobs that are unique to governmental s

ervice, jobs that are difficult, if not impossible, to compare to the private sector. Many of these jobs involve hazardous situations where resources and staffing can make the difference between going home whole at the end of a shift or going home at all.

Government’s primary function is to provide essential services. Our expectations on the employees that provide these services is high. Our level of support must match our expectations. That support means more than a pat on the  back with one hand and a slap in the face with the other.

Thank you, again, to the members of Council 61 for your trust and support.

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