Protecting Our Most Vulnerable Citizens

The Des Moines Register reported on the failure of the long term care Omsbudsman’s office to actively advocate on behalf of the state’s elderly and disabled.

Among the shortcomings listed was the lack of onsite investigations into nursing home complaints. This failure violates Federal law. The Republican controlled legislature and Governor’s office stripped the Omsbudsman’s office of the funds necessary to conduct these onsite investigations. When confronted with the violation of Federal requirements aimed at protecting our most vulnerable people, the Governor’s spokeswoman replied “The Governor expects all State agencies to follow the law”.

How is that possible when you choose to give state funds and tax breaks to large corporations? How will it ever happen as long as the Governor and Republican legislators continue to sink their hands deep into the pockets of the nursing home industry?

It’s time to end the hypocrisy and the collusion. If you give a damn about our senior citizens, vote for change in November. Once again, I am asking for your support in the upcoming primary and general elections for Iowa House District 30.

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