Solutions not battles

Every time I step into the courtroom I’m faced by an opposing attorney or party. We are there because we disagree on the resolution of an issue and we are seeking the Court’s decision.

The other attorney is my adversary, not my enemy. We argue the law and the facts. We argue for the interests of our clients and the interest of our community. We strive for an outcome that is just. We have adverse interests. We disagree as to what is the just decision. We are adversaries, not enemies.

It’s time that our elected officials from the municipal level to the federal level remember this: Stop treating those across the table or across the aisle like your enemy. Stifle the urge to punish and get even. Stifle the urge to simply win. Seek justice. Seek equity.

I’m running for the seat in Iowa House District 30 with that very attitude. Iowans deserve elected representatives that will seek solutions to problems that present adverse interests.  I want to hear your concerns and your ideas. I welcome your help in any form. Every effort is appreciated.

Please support me in my effort to find solutions in government for hard working Iowa families.

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